is a grassroots project initiated by Sofie Reed, consisting of independent artists featuring songs crafted with themes and stories pertaining to the projects name (Peace and Earth). Project launched November of 2015.

Video Production for select songs, includes and invites the participation of the public and Nonprofit Organizations. Info about how You can participate in an upcoming video will be posted on the Videos page!

Artists  Sofie Reed ~ Anne Harris ~ Saraswathi Ranganathan are writing and recording for Peace and Earth/Volume Two!

Check out: Peace and Earth/Volume One

                   Sofie Reed  and Susan Gibson

Donations We will be donating part of proceeds from our special-card sales to various causes supporting PEACE and EARTH. ALL proceeds from digital sales of Sofie and Susan's song: I've Seen It All goes to Women in crisis! More information about donations will be posted RIGHT HERE!

Special Event If you are interested in setting up a special event with the Peace and Earth project, please contact us for more information!